Tappecue Temperature Monitoring System for $199.00.  Comes with Tappecue unit, AC power supply, USB cord, four temperature probes, and FREE mobile app!
For more information visit www.tappecue.com
Tappecue is the future of thermometers used by the meat smoking hobbiests who need freedom from the smoke of their smokers. Unlike bluetooth and radio frequency devices that limit the distance you can roam, Tappecue offers no limitation through Wi-Fi enabled probes and a state-of-the-art mobile application, which provides users with freedom to work on home projects, get last minute supplies at the grocery store, or play a game of golf without worry plus many more benefits.  With Tappecue – You’ll always be one tap away from your barbecue!  Learn more by visiting Tappecue.com - a whole website dedicated to Tappecue!